Krevolin & Horst has an active and sophisticated appellate practice. We regularly appear in state and federal appellate courts and have the experience to understand and argue the key issues at stake in these cases.


Many lawsuits don’t end at the trial court stage. Whether it’s after a ruling on a key preliminary issue, arising from a grant of summary judgment, or following a jury verdict, one of the parties may appeal to a higher court. At Krevolin & Horst, many of our attorneys have clerked for appellate court judges, and more have substantial experience briefing and arguing appeals. We have the experience to identify the types of issues that are of particular concern in appellate litigation, and to brief and argue on appeal the strongest points on behalf of our clients.

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Several Krevolin & Horst attorneys who handle appellate litigation served as law clerks for federal appeals court judges – five in the Eleventh Circuit alone. More than simply a prestigious line on a resume, these demanding positions expose the clerks to dozens of appeals and teach them what works and what doesn’t in the appellate process. Several other Krevolin & Horst attorneys have substantial first-hand experience appearing before appellate courts in many federal and state jurisdictions. As a result, we’re able to staff appellate cases with attorneys who have the key insight and experience necessary to achieve the best results for our clients, both at trial and on appeal.


Perhaps unusual for a law firm the size of Krevolin & Horst, we regularly handle appeals involving our own trial court cases, as well as appeals that come to us after another firm has been involved at the lower court level. In both situations, our attorneys take a fresh and creative look at the case, that effective litigation requires – all with an eye towards success on appeal.


All of the attorneys at Krevolin & Horst who do appeals work also handle cases at the trial level. This is a significant benefit to our clients because there are points in every trial-level case that could have significant implications if the case is appealed. Understanding what those potential appellate issues are and managing them skillfully at the trial level can mean both success at trial and in any subsequent appeal.


With experience comes efficiency. Our appellate lawyers have spent years honing their skills and know what to look for when reviewing the record of a lower-court case for possible appellate issues, including emergency or time-sensitive appeals. Their depth of legal expertise also means they can zero in on the legal points that will resonate with appeals court panels. Krevolin & Horst clients benefit from our ability to manage high-stakes appellate litigation in the most efficient way possible.


We pride ourselves on our ability to handle appeals for all of the litigation practice areas covered by our firm as well as a broad range of civil litigation issues in other areas. Because a number of our attorneys have federal appellate court clerkship experience, they’ve had in-depth exposure to a significant number of appellate issues in a wide range of cases. Our appellate clients benefit from that broad experience. Whether at the federal or state level, Krevolin & Horst has the ability to represent clients in a wide range of appellate cases efficiently and effectively.

In 2022, 2023 and 2024, our firm’s litigation practice was honored by the prestigious Chambers and Partners USA Guide. When clients choose Krevolin & Horst, they do so with the knowledge that they will be getting a law firm that stands out among its peers.

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