Finance and Lending

We understand the role financing plays in the health, growth, risk, and management of all vested parties in a constantly changing economic landscape.


Our Finance & Lending practice represents small and large borrowers, commercial banks, and non-traditional lenders in connection with a wide spectrum of commercial financial transactions. Whether we are advising a bank in a multi-million dollar syndicated loan or guiding a small business in financing an expansion, we bring personal attention and care to our representations that is often overlooked by other service providers.

Leveraging our depth of financing and lending experience, we ensure that the needs of our clients are represented and prioritized. We help them clear obstacles so their business objectives are met while minimizing risk in a cost-efficient manner.

Service Highlights

Syndicated Credits Facilities

Large investments and loans require cooperation and collaboration of all involved parties. We help our clients to manage the risk and maximize the reward in participation. Due diligence, negotiation, documentation, and closing logistics are just a few of the ways we assist in the process.

Syndicated Credit Facilities

Complex loan facilities require cooperation and collaboration of all involved parties. We help our clients manage the risk as we assist them in obtaining the desired results. The skilled attorneys in our Finance & Lending practice can assist with any stage of the process, including due diligence, negotiation, documentation, and closing logistics.

Cash Flow Lending

Small and midsize businesses frequently turn to cash-flow lending for time-sensitive financial needs. Whether you are a borrower or lender, our lawyers are experienced in the specific issues confronting both sides. We know what lenders are looking for, helping drive efficiencies in each step of the process from a borrower considering their options to getting the loan is closed.

Asset-Based Lending

An alternative to cash flow lending is asset-based lending. Our lawyers are familiar with the market and industry standards of key provisions, such as loan to value ratio, borrowing base parameters, and financial loan covenants, and we know what levers to push and pull in negotiations. We not only close loans, but also assist with ongoing and post-closing compliance of covenants contained within the loan documents, loan modifications, amendments, waivers, consents and forbearance agreements.

Acquisition Financing

When a business wants to expand its current platform or enter into a new line of business, large influxes of capital are often needed. Acquisition financing can provide such funds, allowing a business to lever its current position and protect its equity. Our Finance & Lending team helps clients navigate the extensive and often complex process, working closely with our acquisition team to ensure a seamless experience. We are familiar with a variety of financing options for any deal size, including term and revolving loans, letters or lines of credit, seller-financial debt, and specialty loans like SBA and HUD loans.

Mezzanine Financing/Second Lien Financing

When a borrower has an existing credit facility and needs additional leverage beyond what a senior lender will provide, we can help navigate the additional complexity that introducing a second creditor presents, including intercreditor agreements and issues of equity pledges, warrants, and convertible notes. Mezzanine financing and second lien financing are several options for a highly leveraged company.

Local Counsel Opinions

We also serve as local counsel for Georgia loan parties whose counsel is located outside of Georgia.

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