Insurance Disputes

Krevolin & Horst has a longstanding practice in advising and representing policyholders and in insurance disputes.




Krevolin & Horst takes pride in our record of success representing small businesses and governmental entities in insurance disputes. Our lawyers are well-known in the industry for their success in insurance cases, including declaratory judgment matters in which a court finds our client is entitled to coverage.

Service Highlights

Versatility and Efficiency
Insurance dispute cases usually involve a great deal of back-and-forth between the insured, the insurance company, and the courts — there are forms to submit, letters to write and read, motions and appeals to file, and more. It can take time. Because the attorneys at Krevolin & Horst have been down this road so many times and know the route to a successful resolution, they’re able to handle all of it efficiently and expeditiously. Our extensive litigation background means our staff is also ready for any new path our clients’ case may take. And we’re skilled when it comes to arguing against motions to dismiss, summary judgments, and declaratory judgments.

We are not in the business of billing clients to write meaningless memos. We’re in the business of providing results. Once we review the details of your case, we’ll discuss your options and choose a path forward. If it looks like your losses are unlikely to be covered, we’ll tell you. If there’s an alternative path toward a positive resolution — such as involving a third party that may be legally liable — we’ll explore that further. We promise never to waste your money and time on a hopeless case.

Our attorneys have a unique track record of success in the state of Georgia. Krevolin & Horst partner Joyce Gist Lewis has more than ten years of experience in handling multimillion dollar insurance disputes opposite the largest firms in Atlanta. Counsel Sada Baby regularly resolves indemnification disputes on behalf of a major transportation terminal and its service providers. And small businesses seeking legal representation for an insurance dispute won’t find a better team anywhere.

Areas of Expertise
Krevolin & Horst has a stellar history of representing policyholders and indemnitees in commercial coverage disputes, including:

• Breach of contract
• Choice of law
• Coverage for the costs of loss mitigation
• Duty to defend
• Indemnification provisions
• Punitive damages
• Substitution of counsel
• Tenders of defense

We also represent policyholders in disputes arising out of coverage for:

• Advertising injuries
• Director and officer liability
• Employment practices
• Intellectual property disputes
• Product liability

Krevolin & Horst offers expert representation in insurance disputes. Our capable, efficient legal team is thoroughly familiar with the terrain in these matters and knows how to reach the best possible outcome for our clients while keeping the costs low.

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