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Artist or business, copyright often encompasses some of the most important assets you possess, whether it is music, books, photographs, screenplays, movies, software, or more.

  • Infringement – Enforcement & Litigation
    Once you discover that someone has infringed your copyrighted work, enforcement of your rights becomes critical. In many cases, the dispute can be resolved pre-litigation through the sending of cease and desist letters and negotiation. In other instances, litigation is required. Our deep knowledge of copyright law and extensive federal court experience can help you resolve your copyright infringement dispute effectively and efficiently. If you are accused of infringing someone else’s copyright, we’ll look at the facts and law to determine what defenses are available to you.


In business, your reputation can make or break your company. In today’s global economy, branding is more important than ever, and your brand often serves as the shorthand for your company’s reputation.

  • Infringement – Enforcement & Litigation
    Trademark disputes can be expensive and complex, making it crucial to have the right advisor on your team. As with copyright cases, we work to see if disputes can be resolved pre-litigation, whether you are enforcing your trademark or are accused of infringement. We’ll also work with you to handle opposition proceedings, cancellations, and trademark trials and appeals.


Although often overlooked, trade secrets are a critical component of your business’ intellectual property portfolio. See our Trade Secrets page for more information on protecting some of your company’s most valuable information.

  • Patents
    While we do not prosecute patents, we do assist in house counsel or patent attorneys with patent infringement matters.

We are powerful, experienced advocates for intellectual property rights. From drafting licensing agreements to litigating infringements, we are seasoned in handling all aspects of intellectual property litigation. Our deep federal court experience and white glove care ensure the highest levels of personalized and protective service. In our boutique business law setting, we provide efficient, Intellectual Property litigation and other services for our clients, including:

  • Contracts
  • Enforcement
  • Litigation
  • Strategic Planning

We are privileged to work with in-house counsel and large out of state law firms on intellectual property matters. We regularly litigate trade secret, patent, trademark, and copyright issues. Virtually, every member of our team has trial/hearing experience and a federal court clerkship background. This allows us to give our clients a candid, realistic perspective on how a court is likely to handle infringement claims and securing preliminary injunctions against competitors as well as defending such matters.

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