Copyright Infringement and International Music Law dispute


Representative Cases

$3.2 Million Settlement Against Former Bank Directors and Officers

Joyce Gist Lewis led a litigation team that obtained a $3.2 million settlement against former bank officers and directors who negligently approved commercial real estate loans in violation of the bank’s loan policy and without requiring cash equity from borrowers.

Federal Declaratory Judgment Dismissed

Joyce Gist Lewis received a dismissal with prejudice of federal declaratory judgment action filed by insurance company seeking to deny $5 million in director and officer liability coverage.

$650,000 Pre-Suit Settlement Against Real Estate Closing Attorney

Joyce Gist Lewis led a litigation team that obtained a $650,000 pre-suit settlement against a former real estate closing attorney for a community bank after demonstrating that the attorney facilitated same-day “flip” transactions and failed to advise his client that properties were acquired for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the sales price represented […]

Student/Faculty Friendship Revisited

Halsey Knapp guided a professor through a graduate student’s 25 year after-the-fact re-evaluation of a friendship without any publicity or lasting harm to his reputation or his standing in the eyes of his institution. (Summer 2018).

Voting Rights Act lawsuit filed on behalf of Georgia residents

Georgia voters, represented by Perkins Coie LLP and Adam Sparks and Halsey Knapp of Krevolin & Horst, have filed a complaint alleging that the Georgia General Assembly diluted African-American voting strength in an east Georgia Congressional district violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. The Amended Complaint is available below. Perkins Coie LLP has filed […]

Oral Bonus Claim Fails

Halsey Knapp and Patricia Minton defeated a supervisor’s effort to enforce an oral bonus arrangement made over the owner’s kitchen table in 1983 that went undocumented, accrued, and unpaid for more than 20 years and only to be asserted in the amount of 3.2 million dollars after the death of the business’ owner. Multi-State Financial […]

Joint Development Expires By Its Terms

Halsey Knapp and Cameron Ellis represent one of the nation’s leading for-profit developer, manager and asset manager of economically integrated urban neighborhoods in a suit where a former local associate contractor contends that MBS should have given it certain projects regardless of the terms a joint development agreement whether MBS ever undertook and performed such […]

Self-Rule Restored To Senior Living Facility

Halsey Knapp represented the Board of Directors of the Clairmont Place Condominium Association, Inc., a senior living community, in their journey from embracing a beloved, long-tenured manager to releasing him for cause and then renegotiating downward (by millions of dollars) a pre-existing contract between them.

Is A Bonus Due to Terminated Employee?

Halsey Knapp and Patricia Minton represent a full-service power industry vendor that provides power services and equipment to its clients who has been sued by its terminated chief operations officer.  The former operations head disputes the terms of his employment and contends that, despite being terminated, he is entitled to a discretionary bonus and ownership […]

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