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Is it legal for an employer to mandate a vaccine?

Attorney Jessica Cino speaks with 11 Alive news on this topic. According to Cino, “Private companies are well within their right to mandate vaccines in the workplace.” “Most employees are at will employees. If the mandate is to get a vaccine, and you don’t meet the two categories of either medical reasons or religious reasons, […]

Self-Rule Restored To Senior Living Facility

Halsey Knapp represented the Board of Directors of the Clairmont Place Condominium Association, Inc., a senior living community, in their journey from embracing a beloved, long-tenured manager to releasing him for cause and then renegotiating downward (by millions of dollars) a pre-existing contract between them.

Malpractice Claim Resolved Discreetly

Halsey Knapp and Cameron Ellis successfully defended international law firm against a major malpractice claim, handling the matter in a non-public manner and resolving it by settlement. 

Crisis of the Week: Signet Confronts Diamond Debacle – June 13, 2016

Halsey Knapp was quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Crisis of the Week: Signet Confronts Diamond Debacle’ on June 13, 2016. This is a weekly commentary by external experts. The crisis this week involves Signet Jewelers, which is battling allegations employees substituted premium diamonds with cheaper, man-made substitutes. The company’s stock price declined following the […]

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