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Attorneys secure victory in federal court for client fighting discrimination claims

Krevolin & Horst attorneys Joyce Gist Lewis, Barclay H. Vallotton, and Jamil A. Favors recently secured a win for their clients in federal court. The team represented the City of Atlanta and its Director of the Office of Zoning and Development against discrimination claims by two white former city employees. Both former employees alleged they […]

Federal Magistrate Judge Recommends Dismissal of Employment Discrimination Claims

Krevolin & Horst attorneys Joyce Gist Lewis, Barclay Vallotton, and Jamil Favors recently won a motion to dismiss two employees’ reverse discrimination claims against the City of Atlanta. In recommending that K&H’s motion be granted, the magistrate judge found as a matter of law that the plaintiff failed to allege facts showing that the decision […]

Full Summary Judgment on Claims Asserted Under ADA and Withdrawal of FMLA Claims

Joyce Gist Lewis won summary judgment for her governmental entity client on claims asserted under Americans with Disabilities Act based upon a showing that the client lacked control of the adverse employment decision. The Plaintiff withdrew claims asserted under the Family Medical Leave Act following the filing of the summary judgment motion.

Joint Employer Liability Issues

Joyce Gist Lewis presented on joint employer liability issues at the NAMWOLF Regional Conference on Employment Law and Diversity Issues for Silicon Valley on August 23, 2018.

Student/Faculty Friendship Revisited

Halsey Knapp guided a professor through a graduate student’s 25 year after-the-fact re-evaluation of a friendship without any publicity or lasting harm to his reputation or his standing in the eyes of his institution. (Summer 2018).

Oral Bonus Claim Fails

Halsey Knapp and Patricia Minton defeated a supervisor’s effort to enforce an oral bonus arrangement made over the owner’s kitchen table in 1983 that went undocumented, accrued, and unpaid for more than 20 years and only to be asserted in the amount of 3.2 million dollars after the death of the business’ owner. Multi-State Financial […]

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