Ex-DeKalb Ethics Officer Wants Race Bias Suit Kept Alive

Former DeKalb County Board of Ethics deputy ethics officer LaTonya Wiley alleges she was terminated for raising racial discrimination concerns. Despite a magistrate judge’s recommendation to dismiss her suit against DeKalb County, its ethics board, and officials, Wiley’s attorneys argue there was an employment relationship with the county. Wiley’s suit, filed in February 2023, accuses the then-ethics officer of discrimination and subsequent retaliation.

The DeKalb County Board of Ethics is represented by Krevolin & Horst attorneys Joyce Gist Lewis, Barclay Vallotton, and Taylor Cressler. Joyce contends that Wiley’s claims lack evidence of board policies causing discrimination and that the board isn’t subject to Title VII due to its small staff. Judge Geraghty is yet to issue a ruling.

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