Atlanta College Lawyer

Krevolin & Horst, LLC, has extensive experience in education law. We provide more than just legal advice – our Atlanta college lawyers fully embrace each case and are committed to representing their clients’ best interests. We will skillfully assess and execute the best method to handle your crucial matters and cutting-edge legal issues.

Atlanta University Lawyer

Our Atlanta university lawyers specialize in Code of Conduct allegations and due process issues.

At Krevolin & Horst, our Atlanta university litigation attorneys advise clients of the education issues involved in:

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Grant Applications
  • Funding Disparities
  • Faculty and Student Disciplinary
  • Faculty Ethics Complaint
  • Higher Education Appeals Process
  • Tenure Issues

Atlanta College Discipline Lawyer

Our Atlanta college litigation attorney professionals work with a wide range of clients. If you or your child is facing a school disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion, contact our Atlanta college litigation attorney professionals at Krevolin & Horst, LLC. Our education law professionals can assist you in understanding all the rules and regulations that apply to student discipline as well as your right to appeal.

Our Atlanta college lawyers advise clients of the college discipline issues involving:

  • Student Code Violations
  • Due Process Issues
  • Dishonesty (Forgery, False Reporting, etc.)
  • Harassment or Assault
  • Possession of Alcohol or Controlled Substances

Atlanta University Discipline Lawyer

A student who has been accused of a disciplinary offense in Atlanta can potentially face disciplinary action by their college or university. If you face a disciplinary action by your school, contact Chris Adams or another Atlanta university discipline attorney at Krevolin & Horst, LLC to help you avoid severe repercussions and consequences.