Atlanta Corporate Internal Investigations Lawyer

Our Atlanta corporate internal investigations lawyers represent companies and executives in criminal and civil investigations. When whistleblowers or government officials raise concern of possible misconduct or criminal activity within your company, our Atlanta corporate internal investigation lawyer professionals at Krevolin & Horst, LLC can offer guidance to resolve or mitigate potentially damaging claims.

Atlanta Corporate Internal Investigations Attorney

In today’s challenging corporate environment, our Atlanta corporate internal investigations attorneys seek to protect our clients by conducting discreet internal investigations to assess the risk of liability to an organization and its individuals. In addition, our Atlanta corporate internal investigations lawyers provide proactive compliance programs, identify problematic areas, recommend measures to prevent recurrence, provide advice during criminal or regulatory investigations, and vigorously defend clients in court when necessary.

Our Atlanta corporate internal investigations attorneys advise our clients on internal investigations issues involved in:

  • Accounting Irregularities
  • Accuracy and Completeness of Financial Filings
  • Alleged fraud
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Disclosure Obligations and Requirements
  • Internal Control Issues
  • Recovery of Assets Taken Through Illegal Schemes
  • Records Retention and Destruction
  • Suspected Embezzlement
  • Misconduct Allegations
  • Whistleblower Allegations

Our proactive compliance programs extend to environmental compliance as well. To ensure environmental compliance and avoid costly penalties, our Atlanta corporate internal investigations attorneys work with consultants to perform environmental audits. By performing an environmental audit, our clients can correct compliance issues before they become too costly and, more importantly, they can take advantage of the U.S. EPA’s self-reporting policy and thereby eliminate or minimize any penalties, including criminal penalties.

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