Atlanta Election Lawyer

The Atlanta election lawyers at Krevolin & Horst have extensive experience in election and political law. The fundamental right to vote is the foundation of fair, effective, democratic self-government.

The Atlanta election attorneys believe there can be no question about ensuring the sanctity of our elections. When voters, communities, associations or organizations voice a concern about election practices, we are prepared to investigate and represent. Our Atlanta political lawyers work to ensure that data, security, technology, equipment, and oversight informing voter registration, voting practices and elections personnel conform to our civil rights and responsibilities in the spirit of our state and our nation.

Atlanta Political Attorney

Our Atlanta political lawyers can assist with election and political law concerns regarding:

  • Administrative investigations, procedures, and hearings
  • Election administration
  • Elections technology, including voting machines, hardware and software
  • Gerrymandering and redistricting
  • Legal discrimination and discriminatory practices, policies, or procedures
  • Voter indemnification and proof of citizenship
  • Voter registration concerns
  • Voter rights

The Georgia election lawyers at Krevolin & Horst work with clients in seeking the best legal route to bring any dispute to resolution through the mediums of litigation, arbitration mediation, and negotiation. We understand that each client has different needs and are dedicated to providing individually tailored legal solutions and exceptional quality representation.