Atlanta Employment Agreement Lawyer

At Krevolin & Horst, LLC, our Atlanta employment agreement lawyers advise employers and employees concerning a broad spectrum of employment contract issues. Our Atlanta employment contract lawyers regularly negotiate employment agreements and severance packages for high level managers and executives. Our Atlanta independent contractor agreement lawyer professionals offer highly capable legal representation to employers or professional employees in negotiating and drafting fair and effective contracts for employment.

Atlanta Employment Contract Lawyer

Are you in need of a lawyer to review an employment contract in Atlanta?

The Atlanta employment contract lawyer professionals at Krevolin & Horst advise clients of the employment contract issues involved in:

  • Bonus Plans
  • Commission Plans
  • Compensation and Salary
  • Drafting and Reviewing Employment Contracts
  • Employment-At-Will Agreements
  • Non-Competition Agreements
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Severance Packages
  • Stock Options
  • Restricted Stock Awards
  • Stock Appreciation Rights
  • Restructured Share Units

Atlanta Employment Agreement Litigation

Whether our Atlanta employment contract litigation attorneys are representing employers or employees, we try to resolve employment disputes in a timely and cost-efficient manner. When appropriate, our Atlanta employment agreement lawyers will seek injunctive relief to prevent breach of employment agreements. Our team also has extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution.

Our Atlanta employment contract review attorneys know how costly trials can be so we take a practical approach to each case and examine all options to resolve your case outside of the courtroom while still achieving favorable results. We will not shy away from the courtroom, however. We have decades of experience effectively proving our case in front of a judge and jury.

Atlanta Employment Contract Litigation

Our Atlanta employment agreement litigators advise clients about their rights and obligations under employment agreements, covenants not to compete, and federal anti-discrimination laws.

If you encounter any issues pertaining to an employment contract, contact Gerry Balboni, Jeff Horst, Halsey Knapp, Doug Krevolin, or another experienced Atlanta employment agreements attorney at Krevolin & Horst, LLC. We will work vigorously to achieve the best possible outcome for you and ensure that you receive complete guidance and personal attention throughout the process.