Judge blasts Georgia officials’ handling of election system

In the on going case on the Georgia voting system that Halsey Knapp and Adam Sparks are local counsel on, the federal judge ruled that the current machines can not be used beyond 2019 and paper ballots must be used if new system not in place for the 2020 elections. Read more here.

Update on Electronic Voting Machine Case

Read below about Judge Totenberg’s order allowing Halsey Knapp and Adam Sparks’ lawsuit regarding the constitutionality of Georgia’s voting machines to move forward. ‘Under Unceasing Attack’: Suit Advances to Force Georgia to Use Paper Ballots, Not Electronic Voting

2019 Business Development Symposium

Joyce Gist Lewis spoke on a panel about the intersection of business development and allyship at the 2019 Business Development Symposium hosted by the Georgia Bar on April 24, 2019. Read more of the symposium and six tips to take away from it below.

Adam Sparks Elected Co-Chair of the American Constitution Society Georgia Lawyers Chapter

Adam Sparks has been elected co-chair of the American Constitution Society Georgia Lawyers Chapter. ACS is the nation’s largest progressive legal network. ACS strives to ensure that the Constitution and the law work for all people by empowering leaders and informing discourse, including through Georgia-centric programming, networking, and CLE opportunities.

2019 Georgia Legislative Panel Moderated at Emory Law School

On April 11, 2019, Adam moderated a panel of legislators discussing and analyzing the 2019 Georgia legislative session for dozens of students at Emory Law School. Coverage of this panel and of future events is available at twitter.com/ACSLawGA. More information about the Georgia Lawyer Chapter is available here.

Nine Krevolin & Horst Attorneys Recognized as 2019 Georgia Super Lawyers

Krevolin & Horst is proud to announce seven of our partners and two associate have been chosen as 2018 Super Lawyers. Doug Krevolin, Jeff Horst, Gerry Balboni, Zahra Karinshak, Halsey Knapp and Joyce Gist Lewis were named Super Lawyers. Michael Boutros, Patricia Minton and Cameron Ellis were named Rising Stars. Jeff was also named to […]

International Copyright Dispute Over Curtis Mayfield’s Work

Jeff Horst and Michael Boutros represent Curtis Mayfield’s widow through Curtom Classics, LLC in this copyright dispute over the Superfly soundtrack. The dispute will first be heard in the UK and then depending on the resolution could be heard in the Northern District of Georgia.

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