Legal Victory Secured by K&H Attorneys

Congratulations to our litigation attorneys Joyce Gist Lewis and Kana A. Caplan for securing an exciting victory in the courtroom last month.

This win represents an important achievement for our client who filed a civil case seeking damages from their business partner and co-owner of the LLC.

Following the striking of Defendants’ answer as a sanction for contempt and discovery abuses, a bench trial was held in the Superior Court of Fulton County to determine the amount of damages owed by the defendants and any other appropriate relief.

The final verdict and judgment awarded our client the full amount of damages requested, totaling over half a million dollars. Additionally, the ruling included the appointment of a Receiver, at Defendants’ expense, to determine the assets of the LLC. This victory reflects the skill and commitment of our dedicated attorneys, and we are proud to have achieved this result for our client.