Litigators and Corporate Attorneys Save KH Clients Millions of Dollars Due to Fraudulent Insurance Policies

When the owners of a successful family restaurant chain and catering business reached out to Zahra S. Karinshak, they sought her guidance on how to address suspect life insurance policies they had financed through loans years ago, which now were burning a hole in their budget. The matter became even more urgent upon confronting an impatient bank and finding signs of complex fraud over several transactions. Zahra, along with Adam M. Sparks, developed enough evidence of insurance fraud to convince the bank to renegotiate the outstanding loans. Michael G. Karamat then analyzed and negotiated new loans and a settlement agreement. In a matter of weeks, client exposure was reduced from an immediate liability of several million dollars to a payout of less than $250,000 over several years. As a result, the clients were able to preserve vital cash flow for their businesses, avoid bankruptcy, and purchase appropriate and valid life insurance.