Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

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Protecting your intellectual property means protecting and growing your business.

Our team has proven to be powerful advocates for intellectual property rights. From drafting licensing agreements to litigating infringements, we are seasoned in handling all aspects of intellectual property. Our deep federal court experience and white glove care ensure the highest levels of personalized and protective service. In our boutique business law setting, we are able to provide efficient, one-on-one, concept to completion Intellectual Property services for our clients, including:

  • Clearance
  • Contracts
  • Enforcement
  • Licensing
  • Litigation
  • Registration

Connecting the chain of legal services is crucial to protecting your intellectual property and helping your business succeed. Registering a copyright or trademark is often seen as a simple step, but without accurate preparation and competitive due diligence, it can leave your intellectual property unprotected or serve as the catalyst for litigation.

We regularly litigate, including on an emergency basis, patent, trademark, and copyright issues. Every member of our team has trial experience as well as a federal court clerkship background, allowing us insider court perspective on handling infringement claims and securing preliminary injunctions against competitors as well as defending such matters.


Artist or business, copyright often encompasses some of the most important assets you possess, whether it is music, books, photographs, screenplays, movies, software, or more.

  • Registration
    You’ve spent significant time and resources creating your creative works. That makes registration all the more important. Although copyright attaches from the moment you create your work in a fixed format, registration is required should you wish to file a lawsuit for infringement in the United States. Registration also acts as a presumption that the copyright is valid and provides multiple benefits and remedies not otherwise available, including the ability to seek statutory damages and attorneys’ fees.
  • Infringement – Enforcement & Litigation
    Once you discover that someone has infringed your copyrighted work, enforcement of your rights becomes critical. In many cases, the dispute can be resolved pre-litigation through the sending of cease and desist letters and negotiation. In other instances, litigation is required. Our deep knowledge of copyright law and extensive federal court experience can help you resolve your copyright infringement dispute effectively and efficiently. If you are accused of infringing someone else’s copyright, we’ll look at the facts and law to determine what if any defenses are available to you.

In business, your reputation can make or break your company. In today’s global economy, branding is more important than ever, and your brand often serves as the shorthand for your company’s reputation.

  • Clearance
    Often times, companies will spend time and money heavily investing in a brand name, logo, motto, or packaging – including thousands or more dollars on marketing and promotional materials – only to discover that the name or other branding they have chosen is unavailable or worse, that they have been accused of infringement. That makes clearance all the more important. Clearance helps you determine if the trademark you have chosen is available, or if it is the same or similar to one that already exists, potentially saving you and your company significant time, money, and headache.
  • Prosecution – Application & Registration
    Without registration, you have certain limited trademark rights once you’ve used your trademark “in commerce,” meaning in connection with the advertising and sale of your goods or services. As with copyright, registration provides important rights and remedies, including the presumption that you are the owner of the trademark and nationwide protection.
    Once you’ve decided to register your mark, we can assist you with the application process and navigating the U.S. Trademark Office’s procedures and deadlines, including required maintenance of your registration.
  • Infringement – Enforcement & Litigation
    Trademark disputes can be expensive and complex, making it crucial to have the right advisor on your team. As with copyright cases, we work to see if disputes can be resolved pre-litigation, whether you are enforcing your trademark or are accused of infringement. We’ll also work with you to handle opposition proceedings, cancellations, and trademark trials and appeals.

Although often overlooked, trade secrets are a critical component of your business’ intellectual property portfolio. See our Trade Secrets page for more information on protecting some of your company’s most valuable information.

If you can’t protect your product, then what do you have?
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