Seven Things to Consider Before Filing a Lawsuit


Seven Things to Consider Before Filing a Lawsuit

Author: Michael A. Boutros, Paradigm Magazine, Spring 2015

Here are three common scenarios encountered by small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Your company entered into a consulting agreement with Company XYZ for you to perform a complete marketing analysis, re-branding campaign and build a website, but Company XYZ refuses to pay the full amount on the contract because it claims your services did not deliver the results you promised.
  • Your former top salesman was recently hired by your main competitor, and you have begun to suspect that he may be giving your competitor some of your confidential business information and soliciting his former customers, in violation of his non-compete and non-disclosure agreement.
  • For the last several months, your business partner has been making extravagant personal purchases using company money. You have repeatedly asked to see the company’s books, but he refuses or provides excuses on why they are not available.

What do you do if you are thinking of suing someone?

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