Win On All Claims for Biological Material Storage Company

The owner of a small, industry-leading laboratory specializing in the processing and storage of umbilical cord blood and cord tissue, needed a good business trial lawyer and fast.  The client faced a multi-million dollar “bet the company” breach of contract claim by one of its former clients.  After mediation failed, the owner reached out to Jeffrey D. Horst for his trial experience to defend the case.  Jeff, along with Adam M. Sparks, burned the midnight oil to respond to the demand, learn a complex set of FDA regulations, conduct motion practice, read and produce tens of thousands of pages of discovery, procure and work with experts, take and defend nine depositions, defend the lab at a four-day trial, and submit pre- and post-trial briefs addressing a complex fact pattern and regulatory/legal landscape, all in the space of six months.  The client won all claims, preserving the lab’s financial viability, ability to take on new clients, and its employees’ jobs.