Zahra Karinshak interviewed in FBI Case

Author: Patrick Crosby, Georgia Newsmakers

ATLANTA – An FBI agent says it appears a law enforcement officer may be the source of a leak that put other officers at risk. The leak could compromise a federal investigation into rival motorcycle clubs operating in Georgia and other states.

The FBI said that it believes an officer tipped off the Outlaw Motorcycle Club about a federal probe. Members reportedly shut down the club after learning that their ranks had been penetrated by an undercover informant.

“Word came from up high that he was to close down this clubhouse because Larry Mack McDaniel said there is a fed in the house and I have a GBI letter to prove it,” wrote the FBI informant. “This investigation has a public corruption ‘law enforcement’ leak that is relaying information to the OMC (Outlaw Motorcycle Club).”

The office of U.S. Attorney Sally Yates had no comment due to pending investigation.