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At Krevolin & Horst

We Win Together

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Major Victories

smaller teams

We’re not looking to pack the room with attorneys just to see how much we can bill. We’re looking to win and we do that by sharing expertise across our team, generally making our approach to counsel more efficient and more successful.
Joyce Gist LewisPartner

Massive Expertise

tiny egos

Our team and client dynamics are built around trust, honest communication, and, ultimately, friendship. As we say around here, “It’s champagne lawyering with a beer attitude.” That means everyone checks their ego at the door and shares their experience to help our clients and our compatriots succeed.
Cristiane “Crissy” R. WolfePartner
Cristiane R. Wolfe
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Game Changing


Sometimes the answer isn’t always obvious. If our experience has taught us anything, it’s that, on occasion, you’ve got to get inspired about unconventional ideas. At K&H, we like to encourage creative solutions.
Halsey G. Knapp, Jr.Partner
Halsey G. Knapp, Jr.

High Energy

low hassle

This will sound a little trite, but we actually do love what we do. Our collective passion for the practice of law creates the bond among all our team members. Because it sparks a major motivation to win for ourselves and our clients, it creates an energy at K&H that translates into great relationships.
Jeffrey D. HorstThe Horst in K&H
Jeffery D. Horst