Cross-Border Disputes and Discovery

As business moves across borders, so do disputes.  Krevolin & Horst is ready to help.


Krevolin & Horst has experience:

  • Establishing or defending personal jurisdiction over foreign litigants in U.S. Courts, and perfecting international service through the Hague Service Convention.
  • Enforcing international arbitration awards in U.S. Courts under the New York Convention, to ensure that awards can be collected upon for debtors with assets in the United States.
  • Seeking or defending discovery under federal law 28 U.S.C. § 1782. This law allows foreign litigants access to the U.S. legal system to collect discovery to aid in foreign litigation.  Access to U.S. discovery mechanisms can be a game changer for foreign litigation, where many jurisdictions prohibit discovery under their own procedures.


Our team of litigators is strengthened by our relationships with international law firms. We have relationships with attorneys all over the globe, and belong to a network of international law firms that can provide advice to our clients on a global scale.