Education Litigation

Krevolin & Horst has experience in diverse litigation matters for educational institutions, representing students and faculty in disciplinary investigations and school-related disputes.


In addition to our extensive representation of charter schools, education networks, and service providers in regulatory and operational matters, our attorneys have significant experience in education-related litigation. We excel in representing clients in independent investigations and internal inquiries. Our high-quality firm specializes in national representation of students and faculty in investigations, hearings, and appeals related to their enrollment or employment by their schools.

Service Highlights


Our education litigators have experience advising charter schools and other education providers on a wide range of services covering areas such as forming nonprofit tax-exempt corporations, board governance, school policies, contracts, employment issues, and diversity initiatives. Proficient in navigating regulatory landscapes, we assist clients in crafting effective policies to minimize litigation risks. In cases requiring litigation, our team is prepared to help resolve disputed matters in an efficient and effective manner.


Krevolin & Horst represents education clients in government and internal investigations. Our attorneys bring litigation experience and in-depth knowledge of laws and regulations affecting charter schools, colleges, and universities to effectively advocate for our clients. We also handle diverse litigation matters, including employment issues, insurance coverage, land use disputes, and construction lawsuits arising from organizational operations.

In addition to our work with education providers, we have significant experience representing students and faculty in disciplinary and investigatory proceedings across the nation. These high-stakes cases are navigated by our attorneys with a deep understanding of education law, often resulting in significant reductions or complete reversals of initial decisions.

We take pride in our work, whether crafting effective internal policies to minimize litigation risks or successfully representing clients in lawsuits, investigations, hearings, and appeals.

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