Land Use and Zoning

Land use and zoning problems can be complicated, involving politics, complex land histories, and detailed contracts. If you are facing a land use or zoning issue, Krevolin & Horst has a team of seasoned land use and real estate litigation attorneys ready to assist you.


In Georgia, property development often involves rezoning and obtaining conditional use permits. Zoning ordinances can limit how property owners, individuals, and developers use their land, influencing its value. The impact of these ordinances is felt even before construction begins. It is important to conduct thorough zoning due diligence before buying or leasing a property. Addressing specific uses and design standards early on is preferable, as neglecting these issues can lead to delays or even hinder project development.

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Zoning and land use disputes encompass a variety of issues that may arise at different stages of construction or real estate projects. These conflicts are prevalent in both commercial and residential developments, often culminating in legal proceedings or litigation. Some of these zoning and land use issues involve:

  • Rezonings including:
    • upzoning for more intensive uses, increased density, or to facilitate more efficient property development;
    • changing historic or outdated entitlements to meet current and future land use patterns;
    • maintaining current entitlements and adding additional uses.
  • Change in zoning conditions
  • Special Land Use Permits
  • Variances
  • Disputes over land development regulations

It is important to understand the political nature of zoning and land use. Our land use and zoning attorneys actively engage in local politics, possessing an intuitive grasp of the Atlanta jurisdictions’ political landscape.

Our experienced Atlanta-based team of land use and zoning attorneys is ready to help you navigate and address your zoning and permitting requirements and help you understand the process.

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