Lender Liability

Lender liability cases can be broad and unwieldy. The team at Krevolin & Horst has the expertise to make them manageable — and to win.




Krevolin & Horst represents borrowers and lenders in matters of lender liability. Because we have experience on both sides of the aisle, we have a level of insight that allows us to plan effectively for challenges. Lender liability cases contain many moving parts, so working with a firm that can quickly and accurately determine your most significant areas of exposure might be the deciding factor in the case’s resolution.

Service Highlights

An Adaptable Approach
Lender liability cases require agility in a constantly changing regulatory environment. Unpredictable variables such as the economy and the direction of the markets can drastically change how lenders approach negotiations. While many of these cases can be resolved with loan workout agreements or arbitration, an economic recession could take those options off the table.

Krevolin & Horst’s lawyers are skilled litigators. We provide equal value regardless of whether we resolve our client’s case pre-litigation, in arbitration, or the courtroom. We have had great success negotiating offers and finding compromise. When factors beyond your control throw an agreement off course, you need a legal team that can adjust on the fly without losing any leverage you may have.

An Unrivaled Team
Many firms claim they have the upper hand in lender liability cases, but Krevolin & Horst has credentials other firms cannot offer. Partner Jess Cino is a nationally recognized legal expert who wrote the book on the subject: The Treatise on Lender Liability is widely considered the leading authority on lender liability.

With Jess and the rest of the Krevolin & Horst legal team on your side, you can pursue your lender liability case secure in the knowledge that you’re getting the best representation available.

An Accessible Working Relationship
Krevolin & Horst attorneys are among the most capable in the country. Our cost-effective structure and high-level capabilities make our services the best value for large and small lender liability cases.

While other firms may load their cases with as many lawyers as they can, we believe in keeping our staff minimal so that you never pay more than you need to. By limiting our case staff, our clients receive a personalized experience. Your team remains focused on your case and available to respond to your questions.

Areas of Expertise
We have a history of success in lending cases. Some of the most common situations we face are:

• Accessing collateral
• Arbitration clauses in lending agreements
• Fiduciary duty issues
• Guarantor liability
• Improper loan documentation
• Litigation
• Loans in default
• Offers and compromise
• Restructuring settlements
• Workout agreements

When we represent lenders, we explore every avenue to mitigate risk and bring you a positive outcome — including looking at fraudulent transfers, equitable subordination, foreclosing, or filing a lawsuit.

Whether you’re a borrower or a lender, Krevolin & Horst can help you reach a fair resolution.

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