Election Observer Calls for Federal Investigation of Voting System Breach

In January, Krevolin & Horst attorneys and their co-counsel tried Curling v. Raffensperger, a long-running federal civil rights case concerning Georgia’s voting equipment. The court received evidence and testimony first uncovered by plaintiffs’ discovery efforts regarding unlawful access to Georgia’s voting equipment and software in Coffee County, Georgia; ties between those accessing equipment on the ground and the Trump 2020 presidential campaign and its associates; and similar attempts in several other Georgia counties around the same time. These were followed not by investigations being opened into these claims, but by representations in 2022 that there was “no evidence” of a Coffee County breach, and that it “didn’t happen.” Further evidence suggested that state investigations failed to launch or to gather sufficient information.

Read the full article by Susan Greenhalgh, including her call for a federal investigation, here.

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