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The Atlanta business attorneys at Krevolin & Horst, LLC provide extensive experience in all aspects of corporate and business law. The highly skilled Atlanta business litigation attorneys at Krevolin & Horst have managed a wide variety of business lawsuits.

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Atlanta Business Litigation Attorney

We have a successful track record representing both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving business torts. These business law cases encompass suits brought by competitors, partners, LLC members, employees, employers, minority shareholders, and joint ventures typically alleging fraud, tortious interference with business relationships, and breach of fiduciary duty.

In Avnet, Inc. v. Wyle Labs., Avnet brought business tort claims seeking over $300 million in damages arising out of the hiring by Wyle of approximately 80 former Avnet employees. Atlanta’s leading business litigator, Jeff Horst, the managing partner of our law firm, was one of Wyle’s principal trial counsel and won a defense verdict after a 5 month jury trial in Tampa, Florida, which the National Law Journal selected as one of the top 10 defense verdicts.

Other Business Torts, Business Litigation cases include:

  • The Georgia Supreme Court affirmed the denial of a preliminary injunction sought by our client’s business partner arising from the management of multiple apartment complexes. M. Vincent Murphy III v. Robert A. McMaster.
  • Professional Energy Management, Inc. v. Necaise: Motion to dismiss granted and affirmed in part in Court of Appeal on business tort claims arising from employee leaving employer and starting competitive business.
  • Ledford v. Smith: Successful defense of multimillion dollar business tort claims for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and tortuous interference arising from limited liability company members triggering buy/sell agreements and assigning the members’ ownership interest in successful carpet company.
  • Successful resolution of claims arising from former employees starting competitive software business. Jack Henry v. Performance Lender Group, et al., Cobb County Superior Court, 2011.
  • Huffman v. Armenia: The Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed the appointment of a receiver in a case involving the president of a company starting a competitive business and transferring all of the assets to the new competitor.
  • We successfully compelled arbitration of business tort and other claims involving complex tax advantage strategies. Avado Brands, Inc. v. KPMG LLP.

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