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We protect and support whistleblowers who are brave enough to expose corruption.

An employer’s fraudulent or illegal actions can put you, the employee, at risk of jeopardizing your hard-earned career and facing legal consequences. Laws have been created to shield you from wrongful discharge and other retaliation for doing the right thing. These laws not only provide state and federal law protection for employees, but possible financial incentive.

Krevolin & Horst represents clients in qui tam (False Claims Act) actions and protects them against retaliation for investigating and bringing these actions. Our team, led by Zahra Karinshak, is comprised of highly experienced litigators; all of them clerked in federal court and even include a former federal prosecutor. We will provide you with personal attention and stay at your side every step of the way to resolution.

If you think you may have a potential whistleblower case, please submit a request to speak to our team here or call us at 404-888-9700. All inquiries are kept in strict confidence.


The False Claims Act allows persons to bring lawsuits (known as “qui tam” or “whistleblower” suits) against companies and individuals defrauding the federal government, including the IRS and other government agencies. Several states, including Georgia, have similar laws to allow lawsuits related to the defrauding of state and local governments. Persons filing such suits stand to receive a portion of any recovered damages. Claims can involve:

  • Healthcare spending (Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud)
  • Military spending (defense contractor fraud)
  • Other government spending programs (bid-rigging on government contracts, environmental fraud)
  • Taxes
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