Thanks to Susan Coppedge, Tiffany Simpson, a Wrongly Convicted Child Sex-trafficking Survivor is Finally Free

A few months after joining KH in 2021, Susan Coppedge (now Executive Director of Georgia Legal Services Program) agreed to take on a pro bono case. Tiffany Simpson, a wrongly convicted survivor of child sex trafficking, was nine years into a thirty-year sentence. She was only 27. 

With the support of KH paralegals Jennifer Brown and Dovie Madlock, Susan initially pursued a writ of habeas corpus. But on May 9, 2022, Governor Kemp signed into law Georgia Senate Bill 565. This bill amended O.C.G.A. § 17-10-21: Vacating a Sentence for Trafficking Victim Defendants. The new statutory language allowed for a defendant convicted of an offense as a direct result of being a victim of trafficking to petition the court to vacate the conviction at any time following conviction and sentencing for a felony offense. The K&H legal team used the new law to petition the South Georgia Judicial Circuit to vacate Tiffany’s convictions. On November 23, 2022, the day before Thanksgiving, Tiffany was released from prison. 

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