KH attorneys lead fight in Georgia to protect certified election results

In a multistate battle, the Biden legal team intervened in several federal and state cases over the past few weeks, including the so-called “Kraken” lawsuit in federal district court, Pearson v. Kemp. The judge presiding over that case, in a rare move, dismissed the plaintiffs’ claims from the bench after hearing oral argument.

Attorney Marc E. Elias, head of Perkins Coie’s political law practice, is heading the Biden campaign’s effort against the election suits still active in Georgia and five other states.

Along with Perkins Coie, Krevolin Horst represents the Democratic Party of Georgia, its allies, and presidential electors for the Biden Campaign in the election battles in Georgia.

Leading the litigation for Krevolin Horst are election law attorney Adam M. Sparks and trial heavyweights Halsey G. Knapp Jr., Joyce Gist Lewis and Susan P. Coppedge.

According to a recent Report article, “the Biden legal team filed motions both to intervene in the suit on behalf of the Biden electors and to expedite a hearing of their motion to dismiss ahead of the Dec. 14 date for the nation’s electors to vote at the Electoral College.” The judge in that election contest also dismissed the claims after a hearing earlier today.